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      As a Fdn practitioner we approach health issues in  a holistic way.  We do not work on symptoms we seek to find the causes. By doing a step by step assessment allowing us to identify underlying causes. Our Main goal is Educate not Medicate. Rebuilding health in the process. This natural holistic approach yields the highest level of postive clinical outcome.    How is this done?  We use Functional Lab Testing to identify malfunctions within the following systems.                              


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Hormones                                                                            Immune                                                                                Detoxification                                                                      Digestion                                                                            Intestinal Barrier system                                                           

This points to H.I.D.D.E.N. internal stressors and dsyfunctions which correlate with most common Health complaints                                       Are you looking for answers?                     Low Energy or foggy thinking?              Depressed moood?           Sleep issues?         Digestive issues?  Migraines and or headaches?            Can't lose or gain weight?       Muscle or joint pain?     Blood sugar problems? Seasonal or food allergies.          Low libido?

Using drugless protocols we support the bodies innate ability to heal itself .  Working with our            DRESS for Health Success®  Protocol building health in the process.          With DIET, REST, EXERCISE, SUPPLEMENTS   AND STRESS REDUCTION.                                                               Fill out Feedback form and make your free appointment 30 minute Discovery consultation.  Can be done by phone,skype or in person . Just please when making appointment advise which above preferred.                 


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