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Functional Labs

Below you can find a list of Lab testing we implement. However there are other test available. Note the packages i advise include some of these tests. 

Information on Lab Testing                                                                                                                                                                                                          Adrenal Stress Profile Bh205   (Salivary test)                                           Metabolic Assessment Profile (Urine Test)                     Parasite pathogens 401H   (Stool test)               Genova Intestinal Permability assessment                              Oxford biomedical food  sensitivity test    (Blood Test)     

                                                                                                                                                   Adrenal stress profile this evaluates the adrenals and measures the cortisol (stress hormone)  Dhea, melatonin.  The steroid hormones progesterone,testosterone and estrogen                                                       Metabolic assessment measure Indican (digestion of protein).    Oxidative stress (causes premature aging), Liver function is detoxification functioning properly.  Parasite athogens test for fungi, bacterial and parasite.  Also look for H.Pylori.            Intestinal Permability assessment is a non-invasive assessment of the small intestine.  Oxford biomedical technologies food sensitivites-Checking small intestine barrier function and absorption of the bowel.  Checks for dietary induced inflammatory reactions causing medical conditions.

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